Tracking Your Golf Shot With GPS

One of the most important metrics for any serious golfer is the precise distance of each club in their bag.  Having a good understanding of your range will help to reduce your handicap because you will be able to make better decisions about which clubs to use.  Most amateur golfers do not keep close tabs on these details and often times make the wrong club selection, leading to poor approach shots and ultimately higher scores.

There are several different ways that you can track your distances. The most common and convenient is to go to a driving range and hit a ball there. The main issue with this is that most people use range balls when they are at the driving range. These balls are not quite the same as game balls. They are designed to be hit over and over, not designed to fly for those few important shots. In addition, the distances between flags are nothing more than guesses. You can increase the accuracy of range readings by using a laser rangefinder or gps golf watch to figure out those few extra yards, and by using your usual game balls. It’s true that you’ll spend more money that way but it’s worth doing occasionally to get a more accurate idea.

You can also track your distances on a real course, which will give you a better idea of how the ball and the irons will perform in the real world but it’s hard to do this on a busy course because it can slow down the pace of play.  With some of the newer GPS watches for golf you can do this on the fly without sacrificing pace of play.  The top models will provide you with in-round data, including last shot distance, so you can start collecting data and using it to dial in your distances right down to the yard.

The ideal option is to use a launch monitor. Unfortunately, these are expensive to buy. Some stores have them available for hire, or will let you use them when you’re buying a club. Take advantage of that opportunity if you can, because the readings from launch monitors are some of the most accurate measurements that you can get.

Closing Thoughts

It’s no secret that knowing how far each club in your bag travels is huge.  In this day and age, no matter what budget you have there is a good chance you can incorporate a shot distance tracking tool into your arsenal of tools.  The investment is worth it, because if you can step up to your shot and feel confident you have the right club it will increase your chances of hitting a good shot dramatically.


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