If you are a finance broker on the Sunshine Coast, you have probably relied on traditional marketing tools for the longest time. However, as the pace is changing, you have to rethink your strategy and try to be more innovative. You should aim at overcoming the problems of increased workload and look for strategies that will reduce the workload and at the same time be more interactive. Here are some ideas that you could consider for your mortgage broker marketing.

Some MarketingTips to Consider

Pursue different social media platforms for your marketing needs. The social media tools have emerged as effective ways of marketing for many businesses. The kind of traffic derived from effective social media marketing such as via Facebook cannot be compared to any other platform. Social media will make you a known mortgage broker and connect you to many potential customers located across the globe. Also, it is the best way to create brand awareness and brand uniqueness. You get to interact with clients directly and respond to their concerns. Besides, if there are any questions, you can answer them and even get an opportunity to clarify issues.

Furthermore, there are some CRM systems that help you track customers and connect with them on a personal level. All you need to do is to create a good profile and put up your contacts so that your clients can easily access you. Additionally, you can also use auto-email marketing software such as FeedbackFive and Feedback Genius to interact with your clients. These systems and others will also help you with the management of your clients’ feedback. Also, you can create personalised messages to clients giving you some sort of uniqueness. Lastly, the automated emails are sent to you whenever someone leaves a message, both negative and positive feedback.

Moreover, your mortgage broker services need to be distinct so that they can stand out above your competitors. Additionally, the way you present your services will attract more people to your business and you are likely to get many referrals. Make sure that after you close a deal with a client, you should ask for referrals. Either way, if your services are good, clients will automatically refer you to other people. At the end of the day, it is the quality of your services that will bring business.

Likewise, you need a live chat tool that connects you to your clients in real time. You need to reply to the chats instantly and give details of their enquiries at length. This shows that you are dedicated and reliable. It also gives convenience to your clients as they do not have to undergo the stress of making calls. The live chats also speed up the communication with customers.


All these tools are effective strategies for finance brokers, the solution that is selected will depend on your understanding of the tool. Some of the efficient marketing tools discussed include social media, emails, live chat, signup forms, and also c profile management. The truth is that all these solutions will increase traffic and make your brand known. The strategy you use is now entirely up to you.