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Ever wonder what the best altcoin exchange is? If you want to earn while investing in a safe option, then the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is for you. There are different altcoin exchange, and even before signing up there are various factors that are required to be considered. There is an array of altcoin exchanges to choose from many preferred exchanges.

Each exchange satisfies different needs of both the trader and the investor. While choosing the exchange, the country in where you reside plays a vital role. Some exchanges work worldwide while a few works only in the European countries or the US.

As there are many altcoin exchanges prevalent in the market, choosing the best out of them to get the utmost benefit, you need to consider certain aspects. For reviews on the best altcoin exchanges – check out Crypto Exchange Focus

The various parameters are as follows:

  • Security- There are different news of altcoin exchange hacking. This situation is a nightmare for any investor. Even the big names in the exchange have faced the issues of piracy. Enter the cryptocurrency exchange only if it claims to have a limited history of leaks and has a robust security system in place.
  • Privacy- As a trader, the best and the most attracting part will be the privacy in a trade that exchange offers. However, the guarantee of confidentiality is essential; either one is paying in cash or online. Not all exchanges have this facility, therefore chose wisely. Exchanges that accept PayPal, debit card, credit card or bank transfer are many, but ones with cash options are limited.
  • Limits- The exchanges do not have restrictions, and if at all there are limits they are reasonable ones. Thee are exchanges that limit the number of Bitcoins that you can purchase in a day or month. The exchanges that have narrow limits of purchase should be avoided, by an advanced trader. Thus, an exchange that allows a reasonable investment of altcoins should be chosen.
  • Rates- This is the most crucial and the most confusing part of altcoins There is no official rate for most of the cryptocurrencies. The rate is an average price of the particular altcoin across major of the exchanges. Thus any exchange that offers fair exchange rates as per current pricing should be taken up for trading.
  • Reputation- As mentioned earlier there are a lot of fake exchanges also and choosing a reputed one is crucial. It is always better to go with exchanges that have stood the test of stability and had been there for a long time with an excellent reputation in the crypto community. Trading with a newbie is not a safe option.
  • Fees- All the exchanges charge fees. Some exchanges charge an amount for the withdrawal and deposition as well as for each transaction, called fee. However, some exchanges eliminate or reduce the fee amount in case if you are a regular trader.

Thus by the above factors the best of the exchanges are as follows:

BitPanda Exchange

It is the best exchange to deal with as it provides ease in trading. It processes the ID very easily and quickly and offers an extensive option of payment and faster than standard delivery. It is most suitable for the newbie traders because of the ease that it provides.

It is safe and legit, an aspect that is most crucial for any exchange. It has been there in the market for four years and has gained the trust of people as compared to the newbies that come up now but do not have a real trading history. To get started on your altcoin journey all you need is an email and password. It takes just a few minutes to start the new account and some time for confirmation of the email received. After getting done with the two authentication process on the computer, you are ready to get started.

Simply log-in your account and hit the buy button when you desire to buy, and this will give you the option of four cryptocurrencies and as per your choice select any of the alternatives along with the mode of payment. The fee is as per the chosen payment option and is included in each transaction, and is usually four to five percent of the amount of operation.

And now you are ready to use your digital wallet and transfer the coins as per your desire. One care should be exercised that never store your coins on the site as it can be hacked and then never retrieved.

You can read the BitPanda reviews given by other users to know more about it.

Binance Exchange 

Another user-friendly exchange, with a simple sign up process. The user needs an email id and password to get started. Google authorization code is just a way to add extra security. With a user-friendly dashboard, you can begin your journey of trading. As this dashboard will provide information on various cryptocurrencies like the Ethereal, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.

It has two trading options Basic and advanced. The advanced option comes with technical analysis and thus is a step ahead for helping you to make an informed decision. This exchange helps you with public wallet address, therefore can be used from any device.

This exchange helps in tracking the real-time price movement of all the cryptocurrencies at one dashboard thus taking your trading experience to another level; It provides immense security to the users as it has trade limit and market price enabling the security. The trading fee is meager with high rates of liquidity.

You can read the Binance reviews given by other users to know more about it.


Today investing in cryptocurrency is in rage but not all the options are genuine when investing with BitMex rest assure about its authenticity. It is not only the best in the market but also the most stable trading platform that provides you leveraged contracts that let you trade in Bitcoins.

There are few associated risks as well, but as they say “ no risk no game” so in the same way with risks comes enormous profits. BitMex helps you to trade with 100% leverage. It trades in Bitcoin only. Thus you can invest with more focus. BitMex reviews are quite positive and encouraging.

You can know in detail about all these exchanges and then find the best-suited one for your investment.


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